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my favorite line in all of cinematic history 

my favorite line in all of cinematic history 

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Photograph by David Haring at Duke Lemur Center


Photograph by David Haring at Duke Lemur Center

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arizona robbins memespeeches [1/?]
↳ "I wanted you to understand that I run my Peds unit a little differently than you may be used to." - Invest In Love (6x08)

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"It was insanely stupid for me not to have my own lawyer look over all the … the uh … I thought they were my lawyers. I was a Harvard business major…"

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Captain America: the Winter Soldier - The Falcon [x]

#SAM WAS SO GREAT LET ME LIST SOME OF THE WAYS #fearlessly chatting with captain america; treating steve like a human being #recognizing something in steve that speaks to having a hard time adjusting to his situation #and bringing it up in a way that doesn’t put steve on the defensive or make it sound like something not perfectly normal #inviting him to a ptsd meeting without making it seem like he thinks steve needs therapy #or that therapy is something to be ashamed about needing #just so casual and so fucking cool #Sam will be your legs before you realize you can’t stand anymore #and he’ll never ever make that about him (via queenklu)

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If you don’t love Gus, you’re wrong.

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*puts my bro’s dick in my hand*

see, its a metaphor. it’s only gay if i jack it

See, I never jacked it, only put in in the middle of my hand. It can turn me gay but I’m not giving it the power to. A metaphor.


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"We probably could’ve gotten them for free. All we had to do was give him your sister."
"Yes. Awfully tempting, wasn’t it?"

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Get your facts straight, CNN.

If you didn’t know, Stephen Colbert is a literal expert on Lord of the Rings. He went onto the sets of one of the films and managed to beat the resident lore expert in a trivia contest. Someday he will die and Death will come, and he will live forever by challenging him to a contest of LoTR trivia.

Headcanon accepted.

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